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John J. Chew
Director of the Canadian SCRABBLE® Championship

Ranked as one of the top ten SCRABBLE® players in Canada for the last five years, John Chew brings years of tournament-level experience to his role as the Director of the Third Canadian SCRABBLE® Championship, November 17th-20, 2000 at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto.

At the First Canadian SCRABBLE® Championship in 1996, Chew finished in tenth place while acting as event statistician and Internet reporter. He took over the running of the event in 1998 following the passing of founding Director Michael Wise.

Chew is Chairman of the National SCRABBLE® Association's (NSA) Dictionary Committee, editor of the tournament word list, and a member of the NSA Ratings Committee. In addition, he is the webmaster of the NSA web site and most recently engineered the webcast of the (U.S.) National SCRABBLE® Championship. He is the Director of the Toronto SCRABBLE® Club (the oldest and largest SCRABBLE® club in North America) and directs its annual open and closed tournaments.

John Chew turned 36 in June 2000 and lives in Toronto with his wife Kristen. When not involved in SCRABBLE® activities, he is writing a thesis on meta-Fibonacci functions under Prof. Stephen Tanny at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto. When doing neither, he gardens, travels, learns more languages and codes in Perl.

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