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John Chew's Genealogical Page

My own research was begun by my paternal grandfather, then converted to electronic form and extended and annotated by me in my spare time. I have used my own Perl scripts to manage and present the database since 1990. Private information about individuals known to be alive is restricted but if you are in the database, I will give you a password that grants full access.

As a jumping-off point, here is my own entry, formatted vertically or horizontally. If you're searching for entries, then the following links will take you to indexes arranged alphabetically, chronologically and in order of the ID numbers I assign.

You can also find these files at the mirror site, less frequently updated: me vertically, me horizontally, and the index alphabetically, chronologically or in order of the ID numbers I assign.

If you've found your way to this page, you may also be interested in some of the following:

To contact me about genealogical matters, please e-mail me at and include the word 'genealogy' in the Subject: line.