The Punchbuggy Free Zone

This page will be dedicated to the ancient art of Punchbuggy (taught to me by the one and only Badger Jones, so blame him). As of August 14, 1998, John and I are running neck and neck at 12 apiece. It's been close, as we have been going up on and then tying for the last four buggies. However, the natural order of things will prevail, and I will be queen. Ha ha ha!

An ongoing feature will be a retelling of war stories: like the time that John got a really CHEAP shot in on me as I was carrying two cups of coffee--and one was for him! Next time, I put his coffee on the ground, and we'll see what happens.


As of August 29, 1998, I have a commanding lead of 31 to 27, having beaten John to five straight punchbuggies as prophesied in my dream of the night before (no foolin').

One is still outstanding: a red ragtop beetle, that John claims was a two-tone bug since the ragtop was black. I say that a two-tone bug is when a bug has a different colour of paint on either the hood or doors, or both. I nailed him first, but since I did not slap him on the top of his head and declare a rag-top, he felt that he could retaliate with a head slap, and called a two-tone bug. I saw a miscall, and retaliated with a head slap and the proper colour call.

So, who is right? Stay tuned...