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From: "Andrew Golding" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 23:21:59 -0400
Subject: Mike Wise remembered - From Bernard Gotlieb
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From Bernard Gotlieb:

I'm not on the net yet, but I'm just recently out of hospital, so that's a good start. I also, upon coming out of hospital, learned of my dear friend Mike Wise's passing which makes me feel compelled to share my thoughts about him with others.

I will never forget how impressed I was when Mike came up to visit me at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto in August, '79. He had received a call from someone running the club for me in Montreal who thought I might want some company and someone with whom to play Scrabble. I was really impressed that Mike, never having met me before, being about fifteen years older than me and a very strong player compared to my humble play, took the time and interest to come see me. We immediately became good friends and I always valued and appreciated his friendship.

I was always amazed how he respected my input regarding Scrabble matters and how he constantly kept me abreast of all news. I could always look forward to nice, cheery calls from Mike who was forever genuinely concerned how my health was and how my family was. When I went to Toronto tournaments I always was welcome and stayed at Mike's. He always looked out for me and made sure to take good care of me. He was always welcome to stay at my house and would help me out at my annual tournaments.

Mike was extremely capable, efficient and diligent. He always took care of matters very professionally in his personable manner. Mike was very friendly, understanding and fair. He definitely was a man of principles who abided by the rules. He had a real good sense of humour but also had a serious side. I can never forget the wonderful surprise he gave me when he and Lynda came in from Toronto specially for my graduation party in '94 and then gave an unexpected funny and moving speech about me.

Mike had a positive and optimistic outlook on life. Mike loved life and lived life to its fullest. He was very passionate and enthusiastic about his family, friends, his city, his sports teams, his Scrabble and all his pastimes. I'm going to miss him terribly. I'll always have cherished memories of a dear friend who will forever be in my heart. I want to thank him for enriching my life.