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NSA Club #3: 2003-2004

[photo of club room]

What's New

Weekly Updates

Full standings (OSPD and SOWPODS) are posted here after each (Wednesday night) session of the club, from September to June. Championship standings are also updated weekly here, though they only become meaningful toward the end of the season.

Staff (alphabetically by first surname)

Newcomer GreetersDenis Farbstein (backup: Fern Lindzon)
Newcomer Follow-upFern Lindzon
Data EntryGlenn Mosher (backup: John Chew, Libero Paolella)
AGM HostIdelle Weinstock
Archivist/LibrarianJohn Chew
WebmasterJohn Chew
Pairing Group LeadersJohn Chew, Kristen Chew, Sal Desiato, Lisa Kessler, Mad Palazzo, Libero Paolella, Tony Leah, Lynda Wise
Pairings OfficersJohn Chew (backup: Libero Paolella, Lisa Kessler)
DirectorsJohn Chew, Lisa Kessler
Missing PersonsKristiina Overton
RegistrarKristiina Overton (backups: Denis Farbstein, Lisa Kessler, Lynda Wise)
Lost and FoundLibero Paolella
Member EducationLibero Paolella
Box MonitorLibero Paolella
Table WranglerLibero Paolella
TreasurerLisa Kessler
Anniversary Party PlannerLynda Wise
Word Judge CoordinatorLynda Wise
Trophy Design, Fudge ProductionRon Manson
Telephone CommitteeRuth Simpson, Donna Wyonch
PrintingTony Leah, Denis Farbstein, Mike Krepakevich
Billeting CoordinatorVivienne Muhling
Public RelationsVivienne Muhling
Social SecretaryVivienne Muhling
Parks and Rec LiaisonZev Kaufman