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NSA Club #3 Local Club Tournament (June 2000)

NSA Club #3 held its annual end-of-season club tournament on June 14th, 21st and 28th, 2000, directed by John Chew.

Because of a large number of individual schedule conflicts, dropouts and late additions, the tournament was played mostly according to a "fixed" schedule that was revised from evening to evening according to changes in the number of players. 14 players in the A division played a schedule with no repeated pairings and omitted pairings arranged as much as possible so that sums of omitted opponent ranks correlated linearly but inversely with player ranking. 9 players in the B division (originally 10) played a full round robin and one KOTH. 12 players in the C division played a similar schedule to that described for the A division.

Congratulations to the following prizewinners:

ABCC (<1100)
Place1.Tim AnglinSinna VijayakumarKate DoeNan Doe
(8-1 +476)(6-3 +634)(8-2 +574)(4-5 -91)
2.John ChewGene RawlinsKristen Chew
(7-2 +949)(6-3 +162)(8-2 +425)
3.Zev KaufmanMad Palazzo
(5-4 +297)(6-3 -12)

Zev Kaufman's last-round defeat of Libero Paolella was enough for him to claim sole victory of the A division season championship for a record-tying 11th time. Sinna Vijayakumar won the B division season championship for the first time, and in the C division, Donna Wyonch finished in third place to take the championship from pre-tournament leader Stan Jeffay.

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