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From: "John J. Chew III" 
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 00:52:23 -0400
Subject: MWMST Speed Scrabble results

As indicated at

we had seven players in our Speed Scrabble event, and they played a
double round robin and king-of-the-hill in three hours.  Congratulations
to Matt Graham, who lost only one game to clinch first place after
fourteen rounds, and also to Sinnadurai Vijayakumar and Lynda Wise,
who tied for second place after the KOTH.  Special thanks to Craig
Rowland for volunteering as scorekeeper and demonstrator.  And thank
you too to Bernard, Libero, Glenn and Ember for proving that the best
thing to do after seven tough day games at a Scrabble tournament is to
play fifteen quick speed games in the evening!

Here are the complete results:

Rank Seed Name (online)     Wins OldR NewR Chng
  1    1  Matt Graham       13.0 1941 1967  +26 
  2    4  Sinna Vijayakumar 10.0 1729 1754  +25 
  2    6  Lynda Wise        10.0 1525 1652 +127 
  4    2  Bernard Gotlieb    9.0 1846 1822  -24 
  5    3  Libero Paolella    8.0 1827 1791  -36 
  6    5  Glenn Mosher       6.0 1673 1634  -39 
  7    7  Ember Nelson       3.0 1446 1426  -20 

 1  Matt Graham       B-- B-- W07 W07 W03 W03 W06 W06 L02 W02 W05 W05 W04 W04 GIB
 2  Sinna Vijayakumar W07 W07 W03 L03 W06 W06 B-- B-- W01 L01 L04 W04 L05 W05 L03 
 3  Lynda Wise        L05 W05 L02 W02 L01 L01 W04 W04 W07 L07 B-- B-- W06 W06 W02 
 4  Bernard Gotlieb   W06 W06 B-- B-- W07 W07 L03 L03 W05 L05 W02 L02 L01 L01 W05 
 5  Libero Paolella   W03 L03 W06 L06 B-- B-- W07 W07 L04 W04 L01 L01 W02 L02 L04 
 6  Glenn Mosher      L04 L04 L05 W05 L02 L02 L01 L01 B-- B-- W07 W07 L03 L03 W07 
 7  Ember Nelson      L02 L02 L01 L01 L04 L04 L05 L05 L03 W03 L06 L06 B-- B-- L06 

Each pair played each other back-to-back in consecutive rounds.
Players played on three-minute clocks with one minute of overtime
allowed at a one point per second penalty (see rules page for
details).  Each participant was required to sit out one round and join
Craig and myself as scorekeepers, with accurate determination of winner
enjoined on pain of losing their scorekeeper's bye win.  With a
scorekeeper at each game, players were not required to calculate or
announce scores, but could concentrate on just getting the tiles to the
board as quickly as possible.

John J. Chew, III * * +1 416 876 7675
Director, Toronto SCRABBLE(R) Club (National SCRABBLE(R) Association Club #3)