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SOWPODS 2000 8-Letter "OSW-only" Verbs

Here are all the OSW-only eight-letter words which end in -ED and which become legal in OWL if you change the last D to an S.

adonised apanaged asperged balladed beautied brooched calycled canaried
captived carcased cherried chiaused climated convexed cottaged defenced
enclaved epistled evoluted fanfared fibrosed formated ghillied goloshed
grannied herbaged lozenged morrised multured parabled planched potashed
prairied quinsied quitched raunched rosetted schapped scienced scrooged
siamesed skittled smithied speeched statured stenched suretied thimbled
toplined trapezed treacled turbined umbraged vampired vantaged vintaged
warfared worthied