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SOWPODS 2000 Changes

As of 2000-01-01, the SOWPODS lexicon has changed as follows. These words have been deleted from the lexicon:
barmizvah(s)  furtivest     landscrip(s)  phyles        trepider
boatrace(s)   grecise(s)    lapsuses      promuscises   trepidest
cacuminals    grecised      leadline(s)   ricegrain(s)  triked
chaldaism(s)  grecising     liveaxle(s)   shmoe         triking
coletit(s)    hordeolums    loathier      slivovics     tripeman
crombie(s)    hydrias       loathiest     spiculas      tripemen
dianetics     hypna         moners        sticherons    ugli(s)
eco           insignes      obelions      submentums    yakimona(s)
furtiver      internet(s)   omphaloses    tatin         zopp
And these words have been added to it:
ableism(s)    comique(s)    garlickier    morphed       soundcard(s)
ableist       compand(s)    garlickiest   multipack(s)  spam(s)
abortee(s)    companded     gigaflop(s)   mutuals       spammed
acidier       companding    glitterier    netizen(s)    spammer(s)
acidiest      conf(s)       glitteriest   newbie(s)     spamming(s)
acratic       conkier       gobshite(s)   newsgroup(s)  spazz
actioner(s)   conkiest      groupware(s)  nosode(s)     spazzed
actualite(s)  connature(s)  hardbag(s)    notitiae      spazzing
acupoint      connexive     heatherier    offline       splinterier
aerobusses    consolate(s)  heatheriest   onionier      splinteriest
aerotone(s)   consolated    helibusses    onioniest     spriteful
affluenza(s)  consolating   helpdesk(s)   online        spritelier
alcopop(s)    coosen(s)     herpeses      oppo(s)       spriteliest
alethic       coosened      himbo(s)      otaku         spumante(s)
aliyoth       coosening     hippen(s)     outplace(s)   stamineal
amnio(s)      coosin(s)     hippin(s)     outplaced     statemented
anovulant(s)  coosined      holohedra     outplacer(s)  statementing(s)
anthemic      coosining     hordeola      outplacing    steelware(s)
apoptoses     countlines    housey        outsource(s)  steepeup
apoptosis     coyishly      housier       outsourced    steepup
apoptotic     cracowe(s)    housiest      overtype(s)   sticharia
applet(s)     creatable     idant(s)      overtyped     stichera
arcologies    creeshier     ideaed        overtyping    stiffie(s)
arcology      creeshiest    idiopathies   oviraptor(s)  stiffy
bac(s)        cropsick      idiopathy     paperier      stocklock(s)
backslash(es) crosswort(s)  immantle(s)   paperiest     strag(s)
baldier       crost         immantled     parcheesi(s)  strawless
baldiest      crostini(s)   immantling    partygoer(s)  strobed
basuco(s)     crotchetier   infobahn(s)   passata(s)    strobing(s)
batterer(s)   crotchetiest  infomania(s)  pastorali     stubborner
battlebus(es) crudy         inhabitor(s)  pepperier     stubbornest
battlebusses  crue(s)       interrail(s)  pepperiest    submenta
bitesize      crusties      interrailed   phatter       subwoofer(s)
blisterier    cuckoldly     interrailing  phattest      succos
blisteriest   currantier    intertext(s)  phreak(s)     succot
bloatware(s)  currantiest   intranet(s)   phreaking(s)  suettier
blokedom(s)   cursores      ironier       piercings     suettiest
blokey        curtaxe(s)    ironiest      playbusses    suetty
blokier       custode       jockney(s)    plumpier      sukkos
blokiest      cyathia       junglist(s)   plumpiest     sulfatic
bluggier      cyathium      kagool(s)     postbusses    sulphatic
bluggiest     cybercafe(s)  kagoul(s)     primsier      superbug(s)
bobbitt(s)    cyberpet(s)   kaizen(s)     primsiest     superfit
bobbitted     cybersex(es)  kark(s)       probiotic(s)  superwaif(s)
bobbitting    cymatics      karked        profilings    swingbeat(s)
bosomier      cynomolgi     karking       pucer         sylphine
bosomiest     cyte(s)       karyogram(s)  pucest        synthroni
boxercise(s)  databusses    keks          purplier      syrupier
breakbeat(s)  datacomms     ketonuria(s)  purpliest     syrupiest
cacumen       dataglove(s)  kidult(s)     qawwal(s)     taqueria(s)
cacumina      daysack(s)    krakowiak(s)  qawwali(s)    tawier
cafetiere(s)  defrag(s)     kuzu(s)       quaverier     tawiest
calcarate     defragged     laddish       quaveriest    technopop(s)
calflick(s)   defragging    ladette(s)    queercore(s)  telnet(s)
capuccio(s)   denet(s)      latherier     quiverier     thunderier
carjack(s)    denetted      latheriest    quiveriest    thunderiest
carjacked     denetting     leaderene(s)  radder        toustier
cashpoint(s)  devore        leatherier    raddest       toustiest
caskstand(s)  dhol(s)       leatheriest   radges        towelhead(s)
catatonies    dino(s)       lemonier      ragga(s)      trephinings
catatony      dinomania(s)  lemoniest     rasterise(s)  tuina(s)
causeyed      doofer(s)     leucosin(s)   rasterised    turgider
caviarie(s)   drice(s)      linish(es)    rasterising   turgidest
cavier(s)     dumpster(s)   linished      rasterize(s)  twigloo(s)
centonel(s)   ebonics       linisher(s)   rasterized    unbundler(s)
centonell(s)  email(s)      linishing(s)  rasterizing   uninstall(s)
cerealist(s)  emailed       liverwing(s)  rebadge(s)    uninstalled
chairdays     emailing      lod(s)        rebadged      uninstalling
charact(s)    emoticon(s)   login(s)      rebadging     varifocal(s)
chargrill(s)  empayre(s)    logoff(s)     recyclate(s)  vegelate(s)
chargrilled   empayred      logon(s)      reiki(s)      vegged
chargrilling  empayring     logout(s)     reskill(s)    vegges
checksum(s)   energiser(s)  lomata        reskilled     vegging
chipset(s)    extranet(s)   lurve(s)      reskilling    velvetier
chocolatiest  fandangoes    luvvie(s)     rickettier    velvetiest
choirgirl(s)  farragos      luvvy         rickettiest   volumise(s)
ciabatta(s)   fattism(s)    maggotier     rightsize(s)  volumised
ciabatte      fattist(s)    maggotiest    rightsized    volumising
cide(s)       feelbad(s)    mailshot(s)   rightsizing   volumize(s)
cided         feldspath(s)  mailshotted   rubberier     volumized
ciding        fidgetier     mailshotting  rubberiest    volumizing
cinephile(s)  fidgetiest    marsquake(s)  saddo(s)      voxel(s)
cizers        fier          masala(s)     saporific     wallchart(s)
clambe        fiest         medcinal      sarconet(s)   waverier
clerklike     finicketier   megaflop(s)   scallies      waveriest
clerkling(s)  finicketiest  meister(s)    scally        website(s)
clipart(s)    firewall(s)   meltier       scholarlier   wheatier
clotpoll(s)   flatpack(s)   meltiest      scholarliest  wheatiest
cloudtown(s)  flatshare(s)  melty         scrunchies    wheaty
clouterly     flatties      meme(s)       shiverier     woodshock(s)
cloye(s)      flatty        messengered   shiveriest    woopie(s)
coch(es)      floptical     messengering  sinewier      workgroup(s)
cochleare(s)  focusings     minibar(s)    sinewiest     workshopped
cochlears     foolhardier   miserlier     skincare(s)   workshopping
coldhouse(s)  foolhardiest  miserliest    slaphead(s)   yakimono(s)
colickier     frascati(s)   monokini(s)   sleepout(s)   yellowier
colickiest    freeware(s)   monties       slobberier    yellowiest
coltwood(s)   froideur(s)   monty         slobberiest   zaitech(s)
colubriad(s)  funboard(s)   morbider      smileys       zine(s)
combi(s)      furries       morbidest     sokaiya       zoppa
combies       gangsta(s)