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The word "available" in place of an e-mail address indicates that I have an e-mail address on record but have not received permission to post it on this page.

NameE-mailHome pagePhoto
Alison Murrayavailable?
Amalia Jimenezavailable?
Andrew Dick??
Annie Steinhauer??
Barb Liuavailable?
Bill Robertson??
Blaise Rodden??
Brian Muskeravailable?
Bruce Grantavailable?
Chris Francis??
Chris McCuskeravailable?
Dave Colbertavailable?
Debbie (Gould) Baileyavailable?
Derek Felthamavailable?
Ed Etchellsavailable?
Eric Helleiner??
Erik Eklundavailable?
Eugene Siklosavailable?
Gary Wilde??
Graham Symons??
Heather Marmuraavailable??
Hellen Spanjeravailable?
Ian MacKayavailable?
Jane Barclay??
Jeff Nankivellavailable?
Jennifer Naiberg??
Jeremy Celliers??
John Abbott??
John Chewposlfit@gmail.com
John Duffyjohn@strategycorp.comhttp://www.strategycorp.comyes
John Perrinavailable?
Jörg Vogel??
Justin Burjustin@cam.orghttp://WWW.CAM.ORG/~justin/
Karen O'Connoravailable?
Kathy Eddie Garrison??
Kim Khoavailable?
Laura Moneyavailable?
Lauren Buckley??
Lauren Markovich??
Lindsay Duboisavailable?
Liz Bushavailable?
Liz (Fleming) Kelembetavailable??
Lizanne Eastwood??
Lorna Finlayavailable?
Marcel Behrmarcel.behr@mcgill.ca
Martin Schreiberavailable?
Mary Cameron Dunhamavailable?
Melanie Lukach??
Mike Joy??
Molly Whalen??
Nicholas Grahamgraham@cs.yorku.ca
Pat Spearing??
Ping Lin??
Rhona Dornan??
Rob Keedwell??
Robin Brownlieavailable?
Sandra Gunilla Gustavs-Forngren??
Sarah Hamiltonavailable?
Sigita Bersenas-Balzekasavailable?
Stephen Worotynecsw@icomm.ca
Sudhashree Rajagopal??
Sue Campbellavailable??
Sue (Sarjeant) Austin??
Tom Friedlandavailable?
Tom Hicks??
Vaidila Banelisavailable?