tsh for Kenyan Users

Instructions specific to directors` who use tsh in Kenya.

Updated Tue 18 Feb 2017 18:18:05 EDT for tsh 3.340.

This section discusses specific issues related to operating tsh at Kenyan tournaments, and may safely be ignored if you are not working in Kenya.

How to tell tsh that you are a Kenyan user

To enable Kenyan features in tsh, add the following line to your configuration file:

begin realm = 'ken'

This tells tsh to operate under the Kenyan realm. A realm is a set of default configuration values for a group of users. In this case, tsh will know to do things such as:

How to add photos to the Kenyan database

Adding photos to the Kenyan photo database requires access to the database FTP server. If you are not the designated photo administrator (as of 2018, Powell Cheruiyot), please contact them for assistance. If you are the photo administrator, please keep reading.

Kenyan users of tsh will have a local copy of the photo database in the “lib/pix/ken” subdirectory of your tsh directory (folder). This gets updated from the primary copy on a webserver whenever they run the “UPDATEPIX” command.

The photo database consists of directories containing photos of the players, together with an index file called “photos.txt” that tells tsh which photo corresponds to which player name. You may freely choose how to organise the photos into subdirectories; it is of course best to do so systematically.

Whenever you add, rename or delete photos, you must update the index file using WordPad (Windows), TextEdit (MacOS) or a similar tool. The index file has one line per player, and each line has three tab-separated fields. The first field is the player’s given name (forename), the second field is their surname (family name), and the third field is the case-sensitive photo filename (possibly including directory names if it is in a subdirectory). So, for example, if a player with a photo stored in “lib/pix/ken/c/chew_john.jpg” is listed in “a.t” this way:

Chew, John 1800 

then they should be listed in photos.txt this way:


To update the primary copy on the webserver:

  1. Make the changes to your local copy of the photo database, including the index file.
  2. Use an FTP client to copy the files from your local copy to the webserver. If you need the username and password, contact John Chew at poslfit@gmail.com.
  3. Run the update script on the server to register the changes.
  4. Run the “UPDATEPIX” command to verify that the changes are available for download.