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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 1, 2016

Division B High Losses

1254332Fred & Kiran BRWN (B12/Brown)Maggie & Audrey DOC (B15/Duke of Connaught)
2231243Andrew & Hiro BRWN (B7/Brown)Estella & Lauren DOC (B20/Duke of Connaught)
2226326Sloane & Hayden BALM (B4/Balmy Beach)Fred & Kiran BRWN (B12/Brown)
1220304Zain & Jack BRWN (B10/Brown)Rebecca & Madelyn DOC (B18/Duke of Connaught)
1217232Hilary & Keya BRWN (B13/Brown)Evie & Naiad DOC (B16/Duke of Connaught)
2207292Matei & Cole BRWN (B9/Brown)Rebecca & Madelyn DOC (B18/Duke of Connaught)
1192321Julia & Sophie BALM (B3/Balmy Beach)Andrew & Hiro BRWN (B7/Brown)
1187270Ezri & Meaghan DOC (B19/Duke of Connaught)Campbell & Joshua BRWN (B14/Brown)
2187263Ezri & Meaghan DOC (B19/Duke of Connaught)Hilary & Keya BRWN (B13/Brown)
1184227Poppy & Drew BALM (B5/Balmy Beach)Matei & Cole BRWN (B9/Brown)
2183252Poppy & Drew BALM (B5/Balmy Beach)Divya & Leyna DOC (B17/Duke of Connaught)
1183281Divya & Leyna DOC (B17/Duke of Connaught)Cameron & Austin BWMR (B2/Bowmore)
2181378Liam & Charley CHJA (B22/Chester/Jackman)Maggie & Audrey DOC (B15/Duke of Connaught)
1178281Isabel & Victoria BRWN (B11/Brown)Liam & Charley CHJA (B22/Chester/Jackman)
1177214Sloane & Hayden BALM (B4/Balmy Beach)Estella & Lauren DOC (B20/Duke of Connaught)
2172222Zain & Jack BRWN (B10/Brown)Julia & Sophie BALM (B3/Balmy Beach)
2169388Evie & Naiad DOC (B16/Duke of Connaught)Dhiren & Alex BWMR (B1/Bowmore)
2163219Naina & Katrina BALM (B6/Balmy Beach)Isabel & Victoria BRWN (B11/Brown)
2151318Melina & Veronika BRWN (B8/Brown)Cameron & Austin BWMR (B2/Bowmore)
1138153Melina & Veronika BRWN (B8/Brown)Diya & Sophia DOC (B21/Duke of Connaught)
2123250Diya & Sophia DOC (B21/Duke of Connaught)Campbell & Joshua BRWN (B14/Brown)
183343Naina & Katrina BALM (B6/Balmy Beach)Dhiren & Alex BWMR (B1/Bowmore)

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