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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 1, 2016

Prize Table

1Division A Rank: 1stAdvance to city finals, trophyOwen & Nick JMNR (A22/Jack Miner) 3-0 +367
2Division A Rank: 2ndAdvance to city finals, medalJamie & Noah WSWD (A3/Westwood) 3-0 +360
3Division A Rank: 3rdAdvance to city finals, medalGrayson & Connor BWMR (A7/Bowmore) 3-0 +337
4Division A Rank: 4thAdvance to city finals, medalLeigh & Sam BWMR (A8/Bowmore) 3-0 +245
5Division A Rank: 5thAdvance to city finals, medalEric & Tyler JMNR (A24/Jack Miner) 2-1 +215
6Division A Rank: 6thAdvance to city finals, medalAsiya & Sharn JMNR (A25/Jack Miner) 2-1 +132
7Division A Rank: 7thAdvance to city finals, medalGalileo & Andra JMNR (A26/Jack Miner) 2-1 +126
8Division A Rank: 8thAdvance to city finals, medalEddie & Joey BWMR (A9/Bowmore) 2-1 +102
9Division A Rank: 9thAdvance to city finals, medalNolan & Dylan JMNR (A28/Jack Miner) 2-1 +90
10 (tie)Division A Rank: 10thAdvance to city finals, medal (shared)Cian & Jack BWMR (A6/Bowmore) 2-1 +57
Sofia & Mahek BWMR (A10/Bowmore) 2-1 +57
11Division B Rank: 1stAdvance to city finals, trophyDhiren & Alex BWMR (B1/Bowmore) 3-0 +457
12Division B Rank: 2ndAdvance to city finals, medalMaggie & Audrey DOC (B15/Duke of Connaught) 3-0 +382
13Division B Rank: 3rdAdvance to city finals, medalRebecca & Madelyn DOC (B18/Duke of Connaught) 3-0 +249
14Division B Rank: 4thAdvance to city finals, medalAndrew & Hiro BRWN (B7/Brown) 2-1 +180
15Best Holiday WordpickMaggie an Audrey, Duke of Connaught, GIFTS
16Best Holiday WordpickFred and Kiran, Brown, FUN
17Best Space WordpickRylan and Illhum, John A Leslie, MARS
18Best Space WordpickGeorge and Lance, Westwood, STAR
19High Scoring WordpickTyler and Eric, Jack Miner, COURTER, 84
20High Scoring WordpickAlex and Dhiran, Bowmore, CRITICS, 73
21Sportsmanship AwardpickJacob and Parth, Jack Miner
22Sportsmanship AwardpickLauren and Maeve, Deer Park
23Sportsmanship AwardpickSloan and Hayden, Balmy Beach
24Sportsmanship AwardpickAndra and Galileo, Jack Miner

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