2011 Toronto International SCRABBLE Open

The 2011 Toronto International SCRABBLE Open and Human vs. Computer Showdown takes place September 22–25 at the Bond Place Hotel, 22 Bond Street, two blocks west of Yonge and Dundas in downtown Toronto.

Taking place in parallel with the Fall Word Fest and Michael Wise Memorial SCRABBLE Tournament, this event brings together 21 human players from as far away as Scotland and Malaysia, including two world champions, to play for a $3,000 top prize. For the first time in the history of SCRABBLE tournaments, a computer opponent, Quackle, is earning a tournament rating at this NASPA-sanctioned event.

The event begins on Thursday afternoon with the first six rounds of a 22-player round robin, during which each player will play every other possible opponent, including Quackle. Quackle then withdraws from the event for rounds 22–26, where the human contenders continue to battle to see who will win the right to represent humanity in a best-of-four finals match on Sunday afternoon for an additional $500. Spectators are welcome, especially Sunday afternoon; you can also follow along online with current standings and an electronic scoreboard, or see the moves being played at Board 1.


After the first 26 rounds, the top-ranked human player will be awarded $3,000. The second-place human player receives $1,000; third-place human gets $700. The top-ranked player in Class B wins $400; the top-ranked player in Class C wins $250. A player may only win one prize, so if a Class B or C player finishes in the top three, they will receive the higher-valued place prize, and the class prize will go to the next person in the class. (The winner in this phase was former World Champion Adam Logan.)

The winner of the best-of-four Human vs. Computer Showdown will receive an additional $500. (Quackle won the first two games 535-362, 453-390; Adam rallied to win the last two 500-323, 437-406, losing overall on a 28-point differential. See the online games to see if you could have done better.)


All events take place in the basement conference area of the Bond Place Hotel.

Thursday, September 22nd

Friday, September 23rd

Saturday, September 24th

Sunday, September 25th

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