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Phonies with Anagrams

This page lists words that you can’t play in Scrabble, but which have playable anagrams. ‘#’ marks words that are only playable at SOWPODS (the international dictionary), ‘$’ marks words that used to be playable only in OTCWL (the North American dictionary).

In 2006, with the adoption of the OTCWL2 lexicon, the following entries were deleted from this list: batterer, bendier, bingoes, blog, blogger, blogging, blogs, carthorse, clamlike, copouts, demoing, dopings, emeritas, feminazi, formica, funders, handers, heapers, kluged, preload, realtor, recoats, relanded, retieing, skylike, slitty, slotter, tagline, toonies, towable, unboiled, ungated, untimed, vetters. The old list is archived for historical reference.

Please e-mail submissions to me at poslfit@gmail.com, with a Subject: line of “Phonies with Anagrams”.

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