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2000 Kingston Cup Match

The 15th annual Toronto-Montreal (Scrabble®) club match took place on October 28th and 29th, 2000 at the Days Inn Kingston. Toronto won the Kingston Cup and Montreal won the 401 Trophy, as explained in detail in the CGP posting. See also the updated player and team standings, team photos, and the 2001 Kingston Cup Match.


Days Inn Kingston
33 Benson Street, Kingston ON, +1 613 546 3661 or +1 800 267 7888. Call to make reservations, or ask for the Tercentenary Room during tournament hours.
John Chew (Toronto team captain)
E-mail or call +1 416 876 7675 (cellphone, before, during or after the event).


We play by regular NSA tournament rules, except that no record is kept of cumulative spread. Games may therefore be ended by resignation, when both players agree that the outcome is certain and the game does not need to be played out. This should be in keeping with the late Mike Wise's unofficial motto for this event: "Play in a spirit of friendly rivalry."

By tradition, Toronto plays first in all odd-numbered rounds, and Montreal plays first in all even-numbered rounds, overriding the NSA's usual protocol. In Round 13, the player with the better record or higher rating plays first.

Ten dollars is collected from each player at the tournament, to cover the cost of the room and the rating fee.

This Year's Teams

Kingston Cup
Toronto Montreal
1946Robin Pollock Daniel 2005David Boys
1939James Cherry (Ottawa) 1956Joel Wapnick
1870John Chew 1877Jakob Teitelbaum (Ottawa)
1834Zev Kaufman 1801Bernard Gotlieb
1830Evan Berofsky 1765Peter Teitelbaum (Ottawa)
1824Libero Paolella 1750Fran Silver
1804Lisa Deift 1735Andrew Golding
1688Craig Rowland 1626Linda Espallardo
401 Trophy
Toronto Montreal
1637Lisa Kessler 1535Lou Cornelis (Ottawa)
1560Trevor Sealy 1530Joe Peters
1541Lynda Wise 1492Barbara Bultz
1432Diane Brown 1486Anita Rackham
1392Brenda Megannety 1316Andrew Law
1349Mad Palazzo 1208Lydia Keras
1166Kristen Chew 1163Ruth Nabi

This Year's Format

The following revised format is the joint creation of John Chew and Dave Boys.

  1. Throughout the tournament, players will be paired as though they are in one division. Anytime players are to be ranked for pairing purposes, they will be ranked based on wins first, with ties broken by pre-tournament rating, as no record will be kept of spread. The Cup and Trophy will still be awarded based on total wins by the players in each division.

  2. On Saturday afternoon, in rounds 1-5, the top five players on each team will play each other, as will the middle five and the bottom five.

  3. On Saturday evening after dinner, the players in each group of five (A, B, C) will be ranked according to their current standings (A1-5, B1-5, C1-5). They will then play three rounds as follows.

    Round 6

    MA1-TB1 MA2-TB2 MA3-TB3 MA4-TB4 MA5-TB5
    MB1-TC1 MB2-TC2 MB3-TC3 MB4-TC4 MB5-TC5
    MC1-TA1 MC2-TA2 MC3-TA3 MC4-TA4 MC5-TA5

    Round 7

    TA1-MB1 TA2-MB2 TA3-MB3 TA4-MB4 TA5-MB5
    TB1-MC1 TB2-MC2 TB3-MC3 TB4-MC4 TB5-MC5
    TC1-MA1 TC2-MA2 TC3-MA3 TC4-MA4 TC5-MA5

    Round 8

    MA1-TB2 MA2-TB3 MA3-TB1 MA4-TC1 MA5-TC2
    MB1-TA2 MB2-TA1 MB3-TC4 MB4-TC5 MB5-TC3
    MC1-TA3 MC2-TA4 MC3-TA5 MC4-TB5 MC5-TB4
  4. On Sunday morning (remember to set your clocks back) we rank each team as one group of fifteen players, and players 1, 2, 3 on each team play each other, as do players 4, 5, 6 and so on. This may involve some players facing each other a second time.

  5. After an optional lunch break (to be determined by vote), we'll play a 12th "king-of-the-hill" round where the players with the most wins in each division on each team play each other and so on. Players tied on wins may be rearranged to avoid three-peats.

  6. We may vote to play a 13th round. If we do, it will be paired as described for the 12th round, and the 12th round will instead be a "king-of-the-hill" round ranking the entire team of 15 as one division.


Montreal now leads Toronto 11-4 in the Kingston Cup, while Toronto leads Montreal 3-1 in the 401 Trophy. As of 1999, Montreal is in possession of the Kingston Cup and Toronto has the 401 Trophy. Click to see historical records about the players and the teams.

I've kept the following section for reference in case we need to recruit another player at the last minute, and for reference next year.

Toronto Registration

To match Montreal's 12 players, I've picked the following team which consists of the 13 Toronto players who expressed an interest in playing, and who had played at Kingston before. The imbalance in team sizes will be made up for by allowing Montreal to draft one more Ottawa player than Toronto. (NSAR = NSA rating, TP = tournaments played at Kingston, N = has been notified)


1946 11 Y Robin Pollock Daniel
1870  6 Y John Chew 
1834 12 Y Zev Kaufman
1830  1 Y Evan Berofsky
1824 11 Y Libero Paolella
1804  6 Y Lisa Deift
1688  2 Y Craig Rowland
1637  5 Y Lisa Kessler
1560  1 Y Trevor Sealy
1541 15 Y Lynda Wise
1432  1 Y Diane Brown
1392  4 Y Brenda Megannety
1349  2 Y Mad Palazzo

The following players have also expressed an interest in playing, and might be asked to play if there is an unexpected change in either roster.


1697  0 Steve Ozorio (not sure if he can attend?)
1385  0 Sinna Vijayakumar
1373  0 Vivienne Muhling
1166  0 Kristen Chew
 901  0 Betty Collins

The following players are not interested in playing, and are listed here just so that I know not to keep asking them:

1919 Lloyd Mills
1812 Shaun Goatcher
1810 Jim Nanavati
1786 Tim Anglin
1755 Ross McKenzie
1696 Ray Francis
1520 Gene Rawlins
1164 Karen Francis
1585 Linda Gomes

Similarly, I haven't heard back from the following players who have played in recent years or who might otherwise be interested:
1753  7 Ken Pechenick
1707  7 Hugh Currie
1675  5 Leah Katz (will if necessary)
1635  0 Fern Lindzon
1622 12 Ron Manson
1441  1 Yvonne Lobo
1425  1 Sal Desiato
1236  1 Vinnette Francis

Montreal Registration

The following players want to play for Montreal:

2005 14 Dave Boys
1956 11 Joel Wapnick
1801 15 Bernard Gotlieb
1750 11 Fran Silver
1735  1 Andrew Golding
1626 14 Linda Espallardo
1530  7 Joe Peters
1492  7 Barbara Bultz
1486 12 Anita Rackham
1208  1 Lydia Keras
1316  1 Andrew Law
1163  5 Ruth Nabi
The following players do not want to play for Montreal this year:

1445  1 Arthur Carvalho (late cancellation)
1216  0 Richard Kirsch 

Ottawa Players

The following players want to play, but haven't been assigned to a team yet. They will be drafted in alternation by Toronto and Montreal, with Toronto getting first draft pick because Montreal won the Cup last year. Lou Cornelis may be asked to play in order to balance team sizes.

1939  3 James Cherry
1877  4 Jakob Teitelbaum
1765  3 Peter Teitelbaum
1535  0 Lou Cornelis