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2003 (2004) Kingston Cup Match

The 19th annual Toronto-Montreal (Scrabble®) club match will take place on January 31st and February 1st, 2004 at the Howard Johnson Confederation Place at 237 Ontario Street in downtown Kingston. For directions to the event and reservation instructions, please click on the link in the preceding sentence.

Montreal is in possession of the upper division Kingston Cup and the middle division 401 Trophy. Possession of the lower division unnamed trophy has not yet been determined, owing to a tie in its inaugural year.

Players should arrive in time to play by 12:30 on Saturday. Those present will vote on the schedule for the rest of the weekend (how many games to play Saturday, when to break for dinner, and what time to start on Sunday). Round 1 clocks will start at 13:00.

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Howard Johnson Confederation Place
237 Ontario Street, Kingston ON, +1 613 549 6300 or +1 888 825 4656.
John Chew (Toronto team captain)
E-mail or call +1 416 876 7675 (cellphone, before, during or after the event).
Bernard Gotlieb (Montreal team captain)
E-mail or call +1 514 484 0824.


We play by regular NSA tournament rules, except that no record is kept of cumulative spread. Games may therefore be ended by resignation, when both players agree that the outcome is certain and the game does not need to be played out. This should be in keeping with the late Mike Wise's unofficial motto for this event: "Play in a spirit of friendly rivalry."

John and Bernard draw to see which side goes first in even-numbered rounds, overriding the NSA's usual protocol. (Montreal won the draw this year.)

Ten dollars is collected from each player at the tournament, to cover the cost of the room and the rating fee.

This Year's Teams

Kingston Cup
Toronto Montreal
1837Craig Rowland 1930David Boys
1834Zev Kaufman 1858Joel Wapnick
1797Jim Nanavati 1850Bernard Gotlieb
1762Ray Francis 1786Jakob Teitelbaum
1747Tony Leah 1783Andrew Golding
1739Shaun Goatcher 1729Fran Silver
1724Fern Lindzon 1722Lou Cornelis
1720John Chew 1645Emanuel Chicoine
401 Trophy
Toronto Montreal
1643Sal Desiato 1595Arthur Carvalho
1470Mad Palazzo 1504Barbara Bultz
1457Lisa Kessler 1469Akiva Gitelman
1450Trevor Sealy 1449Anita Rackham
1404Gene Rawlins 1423Richard Kirsch
1227Roger Cullman 1382Lydia Keras
Division 3
Toronto Montreal
1121Nick Fall 1137Barbara Puky
952Pam Hunter 1043Kate Doe
938Ani Migirdicyan 963Bert Tellone
880Deb Light 879Abie Cromanty
539Vera Bigall 848Victoria Demers

By ratings, Montreal are 5-game favorites for the Kingston Cup and 401 Trophy, and 10-game favorites in Division 3.

Lilla Sinanan (1019) is Toronto's alternate player.

This Year's Format

Teams will compete in three divisions with no intermixing. In the top two divisions, after playing each of the members of the opposing team, players in each division will be numbered according to their number of wins, with ties broken by pre-tournament rating.


Montreal now leads Toronto 12-6 in the Kingston Cup, 4-3 in the 401 Trophy, and has possession of both. As the teams tied in the lower division, the as yet unnamed (and nonexistent trophy) was not awarded last year. Click to see historical records about the players and the teams.