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2001 Kingston Cup Match

The 17th annual Toronto-Montreal (Scrabble®) club match took place on November 24th and 25th, 2001 at the Days Inn Kingston.

The Toronto team in the upper division successfully defended the Kingston Cup, while the Montreal team successfully defended the 401 Trophy in the lower division.

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Days Inn Kingston
33 Benson Street, Kingston ON, +1 613 546 3661 or +1 800 267 7888. Call to make reservations (we have a block of rooms reserved under the code name SCRABBLE), or ask for the Tercentenary Room during tournament hours.
John Chew (Toronto team captain)
E-mail or call +1 416 876 7675 (cellphone, before, during or after the event).
Bernard Gotlieb (Montreal team captain)
E-mail or call +1 514 484 0824.


We play by regular NSA tournament rules, except that no record is kept of cumulative spread. Games may therefore be ended by resignation, when both players agree that the outcome is certain and the game does not need to be played out. This should be in keeping with the late Mike Wise's unofficial motto for this event: "Play in a spirit of friendly rivalry."

By tradition, Toronto plays first in all odd-numbered rounds, and Montreal plays first in all even-numbered rounds, overriding the NSA's usual protocol.

Ten dollars is collected from each player at the tournament, to cover the cost of the room and the rating fee.

This Year's Teams

Kingston Cup
Toronto Montreal
1842Evan Berofsky 1914David Boys
1828Zev Kaufman 1870Joel Wapnick
1801John Chew 1797Fran Silver
1756Fern Lindzon 1700Andrew Golding
1695Libero Paolella 1689Bernard Gotlieb
1672Craig Rowland 1622Joe Peters
1662Ray Francis 1607Linda Espallardo
1661Stuart Levinsky 1605Lou Cornelis (Ottawa)
401 Trophy
Toronto Montreal
1581Lynda Wise 1585Sary Karanofsky
1561Trevor Sealy 1523Arthur Carvalho
1526Sal Desiato 1519Barbara Bultz
1501Mad Palazzo 1451Lydia Keras
1448Brenda Megannety 1274Emanuel Chicoine
1425Diane Brown 1266Ruth Nabi
1079Kristen Chew 1203Richard Kirsch

This Year's Format

Teams will compete in two divisions with no intermixing. After playing each of the members of the opposing team, players in each division will be numbered according to their number of wins, with ties broken by pre-tournament rating.

A Division123456789101112 

B Division123456789101112 


Montreal now leads Toronto 11-5 in the Kingston Cup, while Toronto leads Montreal 3-2 in the 401 Trophy. As of 2000, Toronto is in possession of the Kingston Cup and Montreal has the 401 Trophy. Click to see historical records about the players and the teams.