The 28th Brand’s
Crossword Game
King’s Cup
July 11–14, 2013

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2013 King's Cup Commentary: Round 3

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The deadline for the Team Unity roto submissions is the beginning of next round, and I have a thick stack of entries. The field is divided into five unequal sections, and each player entrant must choose themselves in their own division and one from each other section. At the end of the event, two prizes will be paid out based on aggregate results for each selected team: THB 5,000 and THB 2,000.

As I enter all the roto data into TSH, my codirector Ravee is kindly making the task more challenging by erasing the English names that the Thai entrants have written, and rewriting them in Thai for me.

Sitthichoke Boonsiriphan (THA) scores the high win of the event, 574-218 over Maria M Villanueva (PHL).

At the end of this round, 14 players remain undefeated. Thacha Koowirat (THA) regains first place with a +551 spread ahead of Kian Boon Liew (SGP) +443 and Leonora Labog (PHL) +374.

My wife, Kristen, is recording annotated games for subsequent posting, one per round at Board 1. We should have them up at the end of the day.

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